Why Gary Neville Took the Valencia Job


Gary Neville was a bold football pundit. He made tactical analysis of many Premier League games. Oftenly, the former Man Utd defender found mistakes in some of Premier League teams’ strategies and gave solutions too.
But not in a nice way.

He made team managers boiled of anger.
And he didn’t care. He knew things that many experienced managers did not.
Well, he thought he did.
And then Valencia came and offered him the job. What should he do? Snubbed the job?
What would people say if he snubbed the job?
Now you get it. He could not refuse the job. Not after he called a manager as calibre as Arsene Wenger naive.
People would laugh at him and called him coward. I personally would call him Mr. Big Mouth.
And so he took the job on this mid-season, 2015/16, without any experience, without knowing the condition, without knowing the language, without knowing anything about Spanish La Liga.
It took Pep Guardiola a year as Barca B manager, before the Barca board gave him the first team job. And it took him another year to learn German, before taking over Bayern.
Gary Neville did not do any of those. He just grabbed the job. That is the first clue, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Gary Neville should leave Valencia before things get worse and admit that he is not manager material. And his brother Phil cannot help him to be one.


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