Ranieri’s Redemption


The Roman general raised from the dust of Greek ruin. The old man was once again humbled, humiliated. Greece Football Association officially kicked Ranieri out of his post. And he left.

A message came from England as a surprise. Little Leicester offered Ranieri the job as their new manager before the 2015/16 season started. Steve Walsh must had said something to the Thai owners. I wondered.
Ranieri accepted the challenge. He came back to English Premier League after over a decade. And he received no warm welcome. People insulted him, underestimated him as he walked to see his new troops.
“Ranieri? Really?”, pessimism was in the air.
“It’s amazing how the same old names keep getting a go on the managerial merry-go-round.”, clearly, Lineker was disappointed.
“After what happened with Greece, I’m surprised he can walk back into the Premier League.”, Redknapp was just as unconvinced.
“People should know when they are conquered.”, umm…. that was me, I guess. And I could see Maximus, another Roman general, smiled at me. “Would you know, mate?”, he said.
Ranieri’s new troops were bruised, exhausted, yet they were happy and motivated. They’d just managed to defend the city’s honor. Ranieri could see the fire in their eyes. The bond was quickly established between the new boss and his men. Together they knock down city after city in England.
Can they do it? Can they win the title? The world is watching in disbelieve. Leicester City have stolen the neutral fans’ hearts. Ranieri’s failure with Greece has long been forgotten. This is the new Ranieri. And suddenly he looks at me and says,”Are you not entertained?”


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