Serie A’s Big Four Clashes


How about that…..

Italian football are having a great weekend too. Top four Serie A teams will face each other tomorrow. Second place Juventus to host first place Napoli, and third place Fiorentina to welcome fourth place Internazionale.

There are 11 points separated all four of them, but there are only 2 points between Napoli and Juventus, and a point between Fiorentina and Inter. Anything can happen.


Traditionally, Juve are stronger than Napoli. But the Naples team are having a good season just like little Leicester in Premier League. Napoli won the scudetto twice, which were in 1987 and 1990 when Diego Maradona was their talisman. Today they have Gonzalo Higuain, who scores 24 out of 24.

Napoli manager, Maurizio Sarri is having a wonderful first season with the team.

Which ones are your team, mates? Take your pick.

And don’t forget to give me your reason. 😀


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