Manager in Demand


There were five managers in Europe ever led their teams to win the treble, three major titles in a season. They are; Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United, 1999), Pep Guardiola (Barcelona, 2009), Jose Mourinho (Internazionale, 2010), Juup Heynckes (Bayern Muenchen, 2013), and Luis Enrique (Barcelona, 2015).

Two of them have retired; Ferguson and Heynckes, which means the other three are still in the business. Luis Enrique stands strong with Barcelona, while Mourinho have just lost his job as Chelsea manager for the 2nd time.
Guardiola will finish his time at Bayern by the end of this season, and has already agreed to join Manchester City next summer (season 2016/17).

Is he a lucky man to have jobs at resourcefull clubs?
Let’s see it this way. The man is in-demand manager, which means many clubs want him because they expect him to give immediate results. Great results.
Well, big expectation means big pressure. Don’t you think? And he dares to accept the pressure.
But the man is no magician. He is a football manager. He needs resources to deal with such difficult tasks handed to him. Please, do not look at Ranieri and his incredible Foxes. Yes, the Leicester City manager has done a great job with a lot less resources. But he wasn’t expected to do a great job. He wasn’t expected to win titles. He doesn’t have that pressure since day one. Surely you can see the difference.
But whether Guardiola will win titles for City in his first season or not, we just have to wait. English Premier League has many title challengers, level on strength and depth and opportunity. 😆
But this season isn’t over yet. So let’s enjoy what we have today. 👍

👊 Ranieri’s Redemption


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