Vincent the Sucker

We all remember how people (read: we) underestimated Claudio Ranieri when he was appointed as the new Leicester City manager back in the summer 2015.

We also know Kasper Schmeichel has to deal with his good old dad Peter fans, who stereotypically say, “You will never be as good as your dad”.

 Now we have Vincent Labrune, the president of Olympique de Marseille, who rejected Riyad Mahrez in such brutal manner back in December 2014.

As we know, Leicester City were in relegation battle at that time. So Mahrez agent tried to save him, by offering him to some top football clubs in Europe. One of them are Marseille.
The agent’s email was received by Marseille’s assistant coach who knew Mahrez’s potential. He told Labrune about the offer.
Unfortunately, Labrune felt insulted with the offer, thinking that only high profile players deserves to play for Marseille. He replied the emal to Mahrez’s agent.

“Do you really think that Leicester players now have a place at Olympique Marseille, in the project we’ve got? To save time, let me tell you, we try to be professional and qualitative with our recruitment. The probability of us taking this sort of player is zero. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t put up with people taking me for a sucker.”

Perhaps, Labrune was in a bad mood. Anyway, most people would get angry should they received the kind of reply. And I believe this agent was no exception. He kept the email and now shares it to the world. Shame on you, Vinnie.
Labrune might have regret his blatant words on Mahrez by now. But there is someone, who calls himself Halil Halil¬†on the internet who defends Marseille and accuses Premier League as a ‘Match Fixing’ League by letting Leicester City to sit on top. How about that, mates?


You can find his comments here.


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