Off to Camp Nou


What do you know, mates? Riyad Mahrez dream move would be to play for Barcelona. And the Leicester board have given up in negotiating new contract to the winger, knowing that he already set his heart to the Catalan football camp.

 But if you think it’s going to be an easy transfer for the Camp Nou outfit, I’d say you’re wrong. Barca are only allowed to pay in the range of £ 20 – 25 million for the transfer, because the regulation avoid them to spend more than 70% of their income.
Other top team are willing, and allowed, to pay more than £25 million. That is the problem for Barca. While for Mahrez, there is another problem. He is not going to be Enrique’s first choice. Barca’s trident are just untouchables. Enrique have to put Messi on the bench and make way for Mahrez, so the trident could still be called ‘MSN’.

No… no…. I think I’ve gone to far with this. Okay…. let’s just see what would happen.

By the way, Mahrez looks good in that Barca outfit. Don’t you think?

Just sayin’… 😛


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