City and Spurs are out of FA Cup


images-8.jpg.jpegManchester City suffer another defeat in a row. This time, Chelsea humiliated them 5-1 in the FA Cup, meaning they are only have three competitions left. Which are the English Premier League, the Champions League, and the League Cup final against Liverpool.

We shouldn’t be surprise really, because Chelsea’s interim manager Guus Hiddink always knows how to deal with the FA Cup football tournament.
The real surprise is the defeat of Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 against Crystal Palace. How could a strong and powerfull team like Tottenham be beaten by Palace? They were one of the favourite to win the tournament. Well, my suspect is, Pochettino doesn’t want the FA Cup glory. He wants to concentrate in chasing the Premier League and Europa League titles. Which is understandable. Though the FA Cup is much older than the Premiership and Europa League, these two competitions are way more glamorous. And the Europa League champions this season will earn a spot in next season Champions League. Who will say no to that? 😉


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