Napoli’s Winless Run


It ‘s a little set back for Napoli after failing to make maximum results in their last three games. They were beaten 0-1 by Juventus last week, then beaten again 0-1 by Villarreal, and last night they were held to a 1-1 draw by AC Milan.

┬áJuventus had been held to a 0-0 draw by Bologna so I thought that would give the spirit for the Naples outfit to take the benefit and went on to leapfrog La Vecchia Signora. It didn’t happen. Il Bianconeri still lead the Italian Serie A table.
Meanwhile, third place Fiorentina had beaten the host Atalanta 3-2 and fourth place AS Roma had crushed their guests Palermo 5-0.
Captain Francesco Totti was left out of the team, again, by manager Luciano Spalletti. While Roma fans were in shock by il allenatore’s decision, I believe the football world can understand his logic. I mean, it’s not like Luis Enrique who once had put Leo Messi on the bench. Right?
Il Kapitan Totti is a 39 year-old forward. What can you expect from a player who will celebrate his 40th birthday on September this year?
Roma are not Serie B or Serie C team. Roma are top flight team who play Real Madrid in the Champions League!!! Doohh…..

The capital team need young high talents to stay competitive.
Totti should accept the Roma board offer as a director by the end of the season. That’s what clubs do to honor their most loyal players.



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