Premier League: United vs Arsenal


Normally, the match we are about to watch is the kind of highly anticipated football match. Manchester United vs Arsenal are used to be the ‘clash of the titans’, but not anymore.

 United are still struggling to find the right formula that suits them since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013.
I knew United would be confused and no longer believed in their own strength, once the Scots left the dug out. He’s not there anymore when the players are looking for answers. I have predicted about this in a post I wrote in 2013. But unfortunately, it’s not in english. Sorry. ☺
No one is bigger than the club. Cantona, Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo are not bigger than Manchester United but Sir Alex Ferguson himself. That was my conclusion in the post. 😁
Today the Gunners are stronger than United. But there’s a possibility the Wnger’s team would only take a point from this game. Arsenal are strong but not too consistent so far this season.


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