FC Basel, the Big Brothers of FC Barcelona

UEFA have chosen FC Basel as the host for Europa League Grand Final 2016. Perhaps some of us need to be reminded of the club’s unique history which had impact to other football clubs’ history.


FC Basel are the second most succesful football club in Swiss Super League behind FC Grasshopper. The club was founded by a group of people led by Roland Geldner in 1893.

Roland Geldner
Roland Geldner, the founder of FC Basel.

One of the club first player and captain was Hans-Max Gamper. In 1896, Hans Gamper moved to play for FC Zurich, a new club he helped to build, before moving again to Catalonia, Spain in 1898. He changed his name to Joan Gamper and led a group of merchants from England, Switzerland and Spain to build a new football club known as FC Barcelona in 1899.

Joan Gamper
Joan Gamper, the founder of FC Barcelona.

While in Switzerland, Basel played in the first ever official football competition, season 1898/99, held by Swiss Football Association. But the club didn’t make it to the final.

images-8.jpg.jpeg Basel won their first Swiss Cup in 1933, and then won their first league title in 1953.
FC Basel may never be considered as one of the great football force in Europe. But they will always be connected to Barca.


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