No More Excuses, Wenger

I used to agree with Wenger. It’s not easy to win the Premier League title when rich football clubs like United, Chelsea and City are standing on the way. And as long as Arsenal can keep playing in the Champions League every season, then who am I to complain his achievements.

 But this season is different, Monseur. Manchester United are still struggling to find the rhythm since the retirement of Alex Ferguson in 2013. And Chelsea have only shown good results since the arrival of Guus Hiddink, in the second half of the season. Not enough time and opportunity to fight for the title.
So, logically, Manchester City are the only team that Arsenal have to compete with.
But City are so inconsistent lately. I don’t know why. But maybe because Pellegrini is leaving. So, whether City win the title or not, manager Manuel Pellegrini will still lose his job and will be replaced by Pep Guardiola.
That would leave Arsenal as the only contender for the title. The Gunners have no internal issue. They have a manager with almost two decades of experiences at the club. And they have money to strengthen the squad, if they want to.
But that is the real problem. Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to strengthen his squad. There are consequences you have to deal with by bringing big players to the club. You have to win something. That is a big pressure and Wenger doesn’t want it. He wants United, City and Chelsea to face the pressures and he would hide comfortably behind them.
How unlucky for Wenger. He can’t hide behind them anymore. These three teams are having big crisis at the same time. Leaving Arsenal as the only team in the spotlight. Wenger team are exposed. Everyone can see now that Arsenal don’t have the guts to win the Premier League title.
The man should have been embarassed to see little Leicester showing their big balls to fight for the title.
But Wenger is not embarassed. He literaly tried to give pressure on Ranieri‘s team. And when United’s reserves had successfully beaten his team 3-2, Wenger made illogical excuse by saying that United had spent a lot of money to strengthen their team. Really, Monseur? They were United reserves team! And if that is your excuse, how do you explain Leicester and Tottenham position on the table?
“Football is not always about winning. You have to lose sometimes. You cannot expect us to keep winning, ” Wenger said.
But you have to, Monseur. If you really want to win something. Dooh…. 😧
And last night Arsenal had lost again, 1-2 at home against Swansea. What’s his excuse this time?



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