In the Name of Fair Play, Say ‘NO’ to European Super League!


How could anybody think that Leicester City do not deserve to play in the Champions League next season should they finish in the top four English Premier League? After everything the Foxes have done, after all the hard work and the bravery they have shown to make the dream become a reality? Give them a break. Will you? Show them some respect!

 And the argument saying that people would love to watch Manchester United games more than to watch Leicester City games? How do you know that? Have you asked the people? Did you make polls about it? Because if you ask me, I would love to watch Leicester’s counter attacking games than to watch United’s boring games. Even Ferguson prefers to watch City’s game. So, the argument is baseless.
The way I see it, this so called European Super League is just another form of bribery and corruption in football, by giving insurance to rich european clubs to play in the top european competition every season. Such insurance will surely attract big players and big sponsors to come. Smart move, Slick. 👍
But it will ruin football in general. No more equality, no more fair play. It’s a bribery that is about to become legal. How could you allow this to happen?
Without equal opportunity, all mediocre clubs will run out of business. And football will become a history. A dark history of corruption in sport.



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