Leicester City’s Birthright


The Foxes have stretch the gap in the summit after beating Watford in English Premier League football, week 29. Many have said that Leicester City wouldn’t be able to bear the expectation of being the champions. Yet they have shown themselves as the most consistent teams in EPL. Other teams look shaky under the spotlight and easily drop points twice a week.

 When the Foxes reached 39 points, Claudio Ranieri asked his team to add another 40 for a total 79 points. They have 60 points now. Meaning they need 19 more points from the last 9 games. They need 6 wins an a draw. Can they make it? They have the guts. That’s for sure. But do they have the birthright?
According to Charlie Stillitano, Leicester City don’t have the birthright to play in the Champions League. What is a birthright anyway?

images-8.jpg.jpeg To my knowledge, a birthright is something that is given to you automatically and no hardwork is needed. Like Prince Charles who will be crowned as the King of England one day. A role prepared for him, since before he was born.
So I guess Stillitano is right. Leicester don’t have the birthright to play in the Champions League. And neither do the others. Teams need to earn it. No one is picked to play in the Champions League.
No player is bigger than the club. No club is bigger than their country’s FA. No FA is bigger than their continental FA Union. But some european clubs think they are bigger than UEFA, they can make their own competition without permission. This clubs are run by arrogant businessmen who will never understand the value of sportmanship.
It feels like watching a classic movie though. Some antagonists who have the power of money, try to stop the pure dreams of our little protagonists. They try to kick little clubs out of business. Should we allow them?


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