Big League’s UCL Representatives


European Big-Five Leagues have sent eleven teams to the Champions League round of 16. This is how they are doing so far.

English Premier League
• Arsenal
• Manchester City

Spanish La Liga Primera
• Real Madrid ✔
• Barcelona
• Atletico Madrid

Italian Serie A
• Juventus

German’s Bundesliga
• Bayern Muenchen
• Wolfsburg ✔

French Ligue 1
• Paris Saint Germain ✔

Some of them made it to the next level, while others failed to qualify. How’s your team, mates?
Roma and Chelsea are out of the competition. Things like this happens because they have to face other teams from the Big-Five Leagues. Roma were beaten by Real Madrid, two nights ago and Chelsea were beaten by PSG last night.
Wolfsburg are qualified to the next round after beating Gent, a team from Belgium, outside the Big-Five.

So, Premier League have lost one out of three teams in the Champions League, and Serie A have lost one out of two.


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