Spurs Have Fallen


There I was thinking about Tottenham Hotspur becoming the new champions of Europa League this season, until the old guards of Borussia Dortmund smashed them down to the ground 3-0 last night. I didn’t see that coming. Just like the time Pochettino’s team were beaten by Crystal Palace 0-1 in the FA Cup 5th round last month, which was abselutely unbelievable. What on earth was happening?

┬áMauricio Pochettino did not send his best eleven to face this Champions League veterans last night. Why? What did he expect? I’m shaking my head even while writing this post. Is he giving up everything for the Premier League title? That would be the most logical reason for his absurd decision.
I see Tottenham Hotspur the similar way I see Atletico Madrid. Both were mediocre football teams before their current managers took the helms. And they both sell their best players. But Diego Simeone will never give up a competition just to save another. He sent a strong team to face PSV Eindhoven at Phillips Stadion, three days before beating Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. He won La Liga title at Camp Nou in 2014, before facing Real Madrid in the Champions League Grand Finale.
Well, Pochettino has his own reasons. I don’t know what they are. Are his boys ready to win the Premier League? To tell you the truth, Tottenham look shaky under the Premier League spotlight. While the Leicester boys look calm and cool as ever.



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