Another Failed Penalty Kick by Messi


Barcelona beat Getafe 6-0 in La Liga last night. Messi scored and made assists, but he failed to convert a penalty kick yet again.

20160313_135956.jpg┬áBefore the fearsome MSN trio were formed, Messi was a fine penalty taker. He even scored a Panenka style kick with Argentina. But this season, the five times Ballon d’Or winner have failed to score from the white spot four times already.
He was not the only one to have failed the penalty kick for Barca this season. Suarez and Neymar were just as guilty as him. Suarez was a fine penalty taker at Liverpool and Santos can count on Neymar in handling the task.
Today this trio have scores many goals for fun together, but maybe penalty kicks have become a major football issue for them. Maybe goalkeepers have studied their way of handling the spot kick.
So why not give the responsibility to someone else? Barca have Iniesta, the team captain. Give it to him. He can handle the pressure. Or Rakitic, or Turan, or Alba, or even Pique. These players love to score too, though scoring is not their responsibility.
Do you remember Manchester United from the good old days? Eric Cantona was the forward king. But they also have the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham and Solksjaer who loved to score. But when the time came, Ferguson picked the quiet full back Dennis Irwin as his main penalty taker. And this player rarely failed his manager.
You don’t need a great goal scorer to handle the spot kick. All you need is just a player who think that it was just a walk-in-the-park kind of task. No pressure, no problem.


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