Big League’s Team in UCL Quarter-Finals


Bayern Muenchen were almost out of the Champions League football after suffering two-goal down for over 70 minutes against Juventus last night.

  Robert Lewandowski made it 2-1 in 73 minutes for Guardiola’s team and no more goal was scored until 90 minutes. I thought Bayern was already lost until Thomas Muller scored in injury time and forced the game to be played for another 30 minutes.
Thiago Alcantara scored a screamer for Bayern and before Coman, a loanee from Juve put another misery for his parent club with his goal. Bayern reached the quarter-finals with agregate 6-4..
In Camp Nou, Barca beat Arsenal 3-1 for an agregate 5-1 and reached the quarter-finals. The fearsome MSN trio scored a goal each.

The MSN trio
The MSN trio

Which big european teams are left in the Champions League?

English Premier League
Manchester City ✔

Spanish La Liga Primera
Real Madrid ✔
Barcelona ✔
Atletico Madrid ✔

Italian Serie A

German’s Bundesliga
Bayern Muenchen ✔
Wolfsburg ✔

French Ligue 1
Paris Saint Germain ✔

Manchester City are the only English team left in the Champions League. While all Italian teams have failed to move to the quarter-finals.
Three Spanish teams are through to the next level.

How are your team, Mates?


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