Brazil vs Uruguay

Two times world champions Uruguay are second in World Cup qualification South American group, while five times world champions Brazil are third. Both teams will face each other tomorrow in Arena Pernambuco, Brazil.


This will be the first meeting for Brazil captain Neymar and Uruguay talisman Luis Suarez as Barca teammates. Suarez have missed many international games with Uruguay after being handed four month suspension from any activities related to football by FIFA. He bit Italy’s Georgio Chiellini, in case you don’t remember.


Brazil are favourite to win this game and they will leapfrog Uruguay on the qualification table. Should this happen, Suarez will have to buy burgers for Neymar after they’re both back to Barca. This bet, perhaps, are made as a statement for Barca manager Luis Enrique, who has never offered a slice of pizza for Barca players, like Claudio Ranieri has for his Fearless Foxes.


Anyway, which team do you think will win tomorrow, mates?

Brazil supporter
Brazil are just too hot for me and I’m blaming them for global warming.



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