Four Wins Away…


So Leicester City actually did stretch the gap at the top of Premier League table to 7 points, after beating Southampton 1-0 at home.

There are six games to go, and all the Foxes need to do are winning four of them. The wins needed could be reduced to three games, should Tottenham lose against Manchester United next week.

But as Ranieri have said before, the Foxes will not depend on other football teams results. Their destiny are in their own hands. And I have to say that is a darn good idea. You shouldn’t look over your shoulder to see what other racers doing behind you, cos’ that will make you nervous. Just focus on the next turn ahead of you and you’ll be fine.

Claudio Ranieri is good. This could be his one and only chance to win one prestigious prize, and yet he keeps on smiling and relaxing. While his players are young and surely can have another chance to win the league in another seasons and perhaps with another teams.

I hope the old man would have bigger smile when this season ends.



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