Leicester’s Narrow Wins, Are They Good?


Experts said that Leicester’s 1-0 wins in five out of their last six Premier League football games were great. It shows the Foxes have the nerves of champions. They don’t get panicked and they can stay focused until the final whistle. Yup, I have to say they are awesome.

Now take a look at their fans, their die-hard fans. Do they think the same way?

Hell NO, they would say. The 1-0s were torturing them, especially in the final minutes of the game, when the opponents could have scored the equalizer, just before the final whistle. That would be painful. A fan with some heart condition shouldn’t be allowed to watch the Foxes games, live.

This fan could not deal with the pressure anymore.
This simple Foxes fan could not deal with the pressure anymore.

So far the fans’ suffering were rewarded with wins. But can Leicester City maintain their performances until the end of the season? That’s the big question.


‘Just relax, people’, Ranieri would say, with a big smile on his face. As ironic as their suffered fans might think.



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