Barca Are in Crisis


The evidence is there for all to see. Three La Liga losses in a row since the international break, the last one was the defeat against Valencia 1-2 at home last night, and also failed to reach the Champions League semi-finals. What has happened at Barcelona?

Tired legs, says football experts. I don’t think so. I think they have lost their motivations. When did it start? Well, I’d say since Johan Cruyff died during the international break. I can feel that you guys are raising your eyebrows now. ☺


I didn’t say that Barca are in crisis because of the death of Cruyff. I’d say that Barca are in crisis since the death of Cruyff. Ok?

Are these two facts connected? I don’t know. Don’t look at me. Let’s hope Barca will bounce back next week.



3 thoughts on “Barca Are in Crisis

  1. Interesting thought. It seems to me that the team has gone off the boil at the same time as meeting teams that have developed a tactical plan for containing them; it has however reinvigorated the La Liga season.

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