English FA, the Middle Ages Rulers


Jamie Vardy of Leicester is set to have an extra ban for criticizing the referee, Jonathan Moss. And Andy Carrol of West Ham is considered to get a ban for the same reason. Nobody but the English FA think that these two player are out of the line with their critics. But they will be punished anyway.

And what will happen to Moss, who many thinks had ruined the Leicester City vs West Ham match? Nothing. The FA will let him go.

Here I am thinking that football is a modern game. Obviously, it is not. You are not allowed to speak up against the FA and their officials. I mean, you may criticize your president, or your prime minister or the UN General Secretary. But don’t you dare to criticize the FA, or you will be executed.

Perhaps footbal is just a barbaric game with barbaric rules, in modern world.


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